Albariño Vendetta

Golden yellow, a citric bouquet, confited fruit and fennel.
Fat with a full body and excellent amplitude and persistence.

Limited edition. The few bottles produced, reflect the exclusivity of this wine that dares to explore the gustatory and aromatic limits of an Albariño without resorting to chemical corrections.

The reinvented Albariño. The challenge was to create something new with the same raw material and winery work process. From this was born an exclusive product, a singular Albariño different from all others.

Tree grape types in one cluster. What happens when you put together a wine producer, a chef and a designer in the creation of a wine? Happens that this creative tandem of tree end up inventing a very nonorthodox Albariño with a gasp of excellency, where its unusual labelling already unveils part of its personality.

D.O. Rías Baixas
Country Spain
Bottles per year 700
Capacity 75cl
Wine type
White / created in inox.
Alcoholic Graduation 13% vol.

Grape type
Albariña from 25 years old vines.
Lágrima must,
without pressing,
low temperature
fermentation, nine
months on lees from
vineyard on trellis.

“Having a bottle of Vendetta in the
wine menu is truly a luxury for any
restaurant. The challenge is to
get one bottle for your cellar
from the few that are
produced every year”
Marcelo Tejedor
A “Cheerful Chef”
Casa Marcelo Restaurant