Vendimia de Albariño

Responsible Viticulture

Commitment. We gather the values of manual grape harvest, absence of pesticides and mineral fertilization with careful farming from the XXI century cellars. Our wines nurture the unique personality of small wine producers which control each and every production detail. A philosophy that goes for quality and the creation of non standard wine musts.

Respect for the vineyard. The result is our wines, made with biodynamic technics, respectful with the environment where taste and aroma come directly from the soils quality, the grapes nurturing and wise wine making.

Following the moon. During the waning crescent moon phase the vineyard enters in its sleeping stage. This is the moment to sanitate and prune the non productive parts. It is also time to decant only in clear days with out mist or rain that can influence the wines stability. Reaching the waxing crescent phase the vineyard expands and grows. At this point the production pruning gives the branches the energy need for a good fruit.