Vacations at the origins of Albariño

Accommodation. The accommodation available includes all categories of hotels, resorts, apartments, and campsites. Visitors can also stay at some Pazos, authentic palaces carved in granite, which show the more luxurious side of a vernacular architecture and evoke the nobility of their former owners.

Gastronomy. Seafood is the star of Rias Baixas. cuisine Fish auctions, in turn, nourish the restaurants of a great variety of fresh fish throughout the year. Octopus, the cheese pie and meat from the interior valleys and other dishes and traditional food products, enriched in recent years with restaurants that opt for culinary innovation and have risen to Galician cuisine to new heights.

Natural space. The estuaries constitute a unique space that encompasses marine reservations with Atlantic islands that can be visited via a marine transportation service. It is still possible to find quiet beaches in summer and at the same time enjoy the maritime culture.

Wine Tourism. During the first week of August, we celebrate the Festa do Albariño, which has the village of Cambados as scenario and its Fefiñáns Praza (XVI-XVII centuries), one of the most beautiful stone forums in Galicia. In Cambados you can visit the Ethnographic Museum of Wine, located in an old rectory. There is a Wine Route Rias Baixas, consisting of five routes, one of which includes a visit to the Adega Pedralonga.

Monumental Villas. Santiago de Compostela is less than an hour by road. And even closer, just near the winery, you can visit towns of great beauty as Cambados, Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra, Combarro and Vilagarcia. The landscape is a patchwork of vineyards and pine forests, peppered with charming villages with the Atlantic Ocean as background.