Pedralonga Winery

Collection of winemakers. The Alfonso family has been making wine trough out generations in “Val do Umia”, preserving writings from the early XX century in where they already mention the harvests, the crops and the wine making trough the intensive and careful work of the vineyards. The present winery was founded in 1997, the work is know professional but the philosophy remains the same of our ancestors. The work is still done with traditional methods and biodynamic technics that respect the moon periods allowing to obtain wine must that need no chemical correction neither filtering.

The importance of the ocean. The Pedralonga vineyards are deeply influenced by the atlantic climate, that provides good temperatures and long rain periods during large part of the year perfectly suited for the Alvariño grapes. The vineyards root on loam soil at the bottom of mount “Xiabre”, high terrains oriented from north to south allowing a perfect insolation that helps growth and health.

Mineral expresion. At Pedralonga we make wines with personality. Singular Albariños and red wines that stand out for their balanced acidity and mineral taste from the granite soils of our terroir.